Handcrafted Octopus Wall Art – Walnut & Wool
Handcrafted Octopus Wall Art

Handcrafted Octopus Wall Art

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Each octopus sculpture has been meticulously detailed with hammer and chisel. Reclaimed Metal wall decor is handcrafted in Haiti from 55-gallon drums. As such, the characteristics of each will vary slightly, making each octopus wall art piece truly one-of-a-kind. All-weather steel Octopus Wall Hanging is ideal for poolside or home decor. Each piece measures 22.5”W x 23”L, and boasts a patina from brown to grey to black, depending upon the drum used.

FAIR TRADE SOURCED for the empowerment of local artisans and their communities. This allows craftsmen to fulfill their basic needs despite market volatility, and gives them a voice in the workplace.